We design our web applications to work on any device anywhere.

Any Device Anywhere

We design our web applications to work on any screen size including smart phones, tablets, laptops, desktops and TV consoles. As an example, you can change the browser window size to see the content of this page dynamically adapt to the screen size.

Web Applications

We specialize in designing web applications to transact business on the web. We incorporate the visual layout desired by the customer and make it work seamlessly on the back end with scalable databases and interfaces to other systems and services.

Email Integration

We integrate email functionality in our software solutions. Confirmation emails are sent upon completion of a transaction. Reminder emails are sent upon a time sensitive basis as needed. Email campaigns are designed and conducted to grow the customer base.

Social Media

Social media is the latest trend in online marketing for acquiring new customers and providing customer support. Our web applications integrate the interfaces provided by the social media sites to provide a better user experience and reach new customers.

Big Data

In addition to the transaction data, we capture the data points of customer activity on the website. These data points show customer interest in a particular product or service. This information is then used to design and conduct effective email campaigns.

Cloud Integration

We analyze the suitability of Cloud Computing as part of the overall solution. Although we specialize in Microsoft Azure, we include other Cloud service providers in our analysis to determine which offering provides the best fit for the particular needs of the customer.