The purpose of Systems Analysis is two fold: 1) Cut Costs and 2) Increase Revenue

Process Analysis

Using Process Analysis methodology we analyze the key business processes. We itemize the steps involved to accomplish each process from beginning to end. We also analyze the interdependence of different processes to streamline the overall operation.

Optimize Processes

Once the business processes are itemized, the next step is to analyze how these processes can be optimized. The computer industry changes at a fast pace and we identify the new technologies which can be leveraged to improve and optimize the business processes.

Technology Analysis

The purpose of Technology Analysis is to align the technology components with the optimized business processes. We will analyze the existing systems and applications and identify areas where tecxhnology upgrades may be needed.

Data Analysis

Data is one of the most valuable assets of any organization. The purpose of Data Analysis is to analyze the data currently being captured and additional data which should be captured automatically through improved business processes.

Expand Customer Base

We analyze the existing database to establish customer demographics and data patterns. Additional data elements needed for effective marketing campaigns are quantified. Commercial and public data sources are then utilized to expand the customer base.

Management Tools

We work with the management to establish key business statistics which should be automatically generated by the system. We ensure that the requisite information is captured seamlessly through the business processes and made available to the management.