Nevsys is a Microsoft Certified Partner specializing in Enterprise Software Development

Enterprise Applications

Nevsys specializes in analyzing and developing Enterprise Applications. We design software components to implement the business processes in the most optimal way. Software components are thoroghly tested to work well as an integrated solution.


A vast majority of business workstations run Windows operating system. Nevsys is a Microsoft Certified Partner and we have special access to Microsoft technologies and software. We design our applications to provide an intuitive and easy to use client experience.


Nevsys specializes in developing server software including application services, database services, web services and network services. The server software is designed with the flexibility to run on local servers, remote servers or Cloud based servers.


Nevsys has extensive experience in the design, development and implementation of enterprise databases. The databases are designed to be efficient and scalable. We specialize in relational databases like Oracle and Microsoft SQL Server as well as high volume NoSQL databases.


Nevsys provides interfaces at both the server and the workstation level. At the server level we provide interfaces and APIs to work with other systems and applications. At the workstation level we provide interfaces to work with attached equipment like credit card readers, barcode scanners, specialized printers, etc.

Post Windows 7

Since Windows 8 has not been well received by executives who make technology decisions, Microsoft is working hard to make the next version of Windows attractive to the business world. Our software design incorporates maximum compatibility with the current and future versions of Windows.